Finding common ground

When looking for a Realtor, most people want to work with someone they can trust, someone with whom they have something in common, so let’s see if we can find something in common.

In another lifetime, nearly 30 years ago, I worked in a commercial bakery. I already had a decent amount of baking knowledge obtained from working in the kitchens of both my mother and grand mother. However, making cookies, pies and cakes at home is obviously and absolutely nothing like working in a commercial bakery. It taught me how to handle things on a much larger scale. I learned valuable time management skills, speed and accuracy, to work in an assembly line, and how to be a part of a team. Helping each other out was an important part of getting the job done. I learned how to relate to people the likes of which I had never met anywhere else. There was a camaraderie between workers that defied age, financial, and social gaps. It was only a stepping stone towards my future, but I liked working there.

I haven’t always liked jobs I’ve worked in the past, but I have tried to learn something from each one. Which means, with any luck, there will be future blog posts.